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Sushi Jiro Midvalley

"Cheap & good" is a phrase used for foodie lovers when it doesn't hurt the pocket. This special Japanese restaurant is Sushi Jiro at Midvalley Mega shopping mall. From Nowhere hostel, it is about 10 minutes walk away heading towards KL-Eco city or the Abdullah Hukum LRT strain station.

My first experience was welcoming and pleasant. The staff are generally well trained and the service is satisfyingly efficient. The selling point is their rotating-belt small dishes are only RM2.88 for every item without taxes. I noticed that the rotating conveyor belt dishes are constantly replenished and freshly made by the chef. And most of them are wearing mask and gloves; and the restaurant's tables are constantly clean and sanitized. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic today, this is a positive sign for customers.

Besides the small dishes at the conveyor belt, there are also other dishes on the menu which are excellent in taste and value. I ordered the set menu of sushi rolls and udon along some other side dishes. The meal was ready and served within 10 minutes with refillable green tea with either hot or cold.

The Sushi Jiro chain is owned by the Sushi Zanmai group which are well established in the Malaysia. So, if you are around at Nowhere hostel, take a stroll to the Midvalley Shopping Mall and experience this delightful Japanese restaurant located at the lower ground floor of Midvalley. Enjoy !

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