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Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Amidst the confusion and busy intersections of endless cars, motorbikes, lorries, LRT trains and pedestrians of jalan Bangsar main road, lies hidden and nestled in the 2nd floor shop lot is where Nowhere hostel is located. Many people wander pass and probably never knew our hostel is right up the 2nd and 3rd floor. There lies the secret of our small humble abode. We are never into some wide publicity about our place. The selling is for those who wants to stay in a safe, clean and peaceful environment without hurting the pocket. Our motto is to help people stay affordably and humanly speaking, with dignity and with some decencies of life.

As owners, we have encountered many types of accommodation seekers. With the hovering cloud of Covid-19 hanging over our heads today, the people inquiring to stay are victims as a result of the pandemic. Many of our foreign guest have been stuck with us since March 2020 and locked down for months. Many suffered and hung on financially throughout the ordeal. As to date, many have left the country but many are still looming in the city without help financially to buy a ticket back.

We've also seen Malaysians in dire straights who seek to stay with little or no money. Some owed us their rentals and left with tears and embarrassment. Our hearts ached for them. Yes, it hurts us too when they don't pay us but alas, we saw a deeper ministry for humanity. Since the pandemic started, and with our country's border closed, Malaysians from all walks of life has been arriving in our hostel. The budget conscious and those who were laid off work. They come into the city seeking jobs and help. Sometimes our bunk beds booked from online sources like or were only RM25 per bunk bed per night while our rooms are only RM50 per room per night with free Wi-Fi and with air-conditioning. And nearby our hostel, we have the affluent Bangsar, the modern Midvalley shopping mall, KL Eco city, Bangsar South, KL Sentral hub and we are in between Bangsar LRT and Abdullah Hukum LRT stations.

So, friends, if you ever come to our hostel, you will not see any signboards on the shop lot but you will see a little welcome sign - "Nowhere". (see below)

Nowhere hostel is in between two clinics and nearby the shop lot you will not miss the iconic Petronas Station.

I hope we will all do our part in riding out this pandemic. Our hostel is never full. In fact, we have only 2 guest per day, sometimes 4 guest per day. We want to assure our patrons that we practice social distancing and social tracing in our hostel in compliance of the SOP guide lines laid out by the authorities.

If you are passing by KL, please drop by to Nowhere hostel for a night or two. Thanks for reading this blog.

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